KIA Picanto Runner

KIA Picanto Runner


Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Kia understands that not all payloads are the same and that’s why they’ve designed the innovative Kia Picanto Runner - a delivery vehicle that’s compact but capable and remarkably cost-effective. Packed with performance and advanced functionality, this nifty new Picanto is geared up and ready to explore every city street.

It’s Time to Run These Streets

This sassy hatchback has been reimagined as an urban delivery vehicle that provides the cost-effective yet comfortable, safe and fun experience that Picanto drivers are familiar with while incorporating a practical load bay that makes this workhorse such a pleasure to operate. Sturdily-built with 44% AHSS and equipped with cutting-edge sensor technology, the Runner is designed to protect you from hazards. It’s finely-tuned ABS brakes and specialised tyres.

The New Kia Runner - Comfort & Peace of Mind Come Standard

Packed with 49 kW horsepower and pushing out 95 Nm torque, the Kia Runner is agile and ready to tackle the task of navigating any urban setting with fuel-efficiency that is difficult to beat. With attention to detail that ensures driver safety and comfort, the 350kg payload capacity is an added bonus that makes this workhorse such an attractive option. Plus, with its unlimited-kilometre warranty and KIA Fleet Care offering, the Kia Picanto Runner is fully-equipped to achieve anything you can imagine.

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